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Tuesday, 23 December 2008


I am pleased to report that the vet doesn't seem too concerned about Athena, he thinks that she may have a slight infection in her ankles . He also asked that she be put on complete stable rest ( that is not going to appeal at all ) for a week or two !! Sadly that is not going to happen , she will go demented , but I have restricted her field , so that she cannot run about too much , although currently she seems to spend some large amount of time sitting anyway. The vet seems to think she will be fine and that there won't be any permanent damage , but he did mention that her legs are slightly off straight which is quite common in alpaca .

On the big plus side , he did ask if he could have one of my cockerels for his new hens and that is great since I have 4 and they are beginning to fight !!

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