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Monday, 22 December 2008

Fingers crossed I'm wrong

i have been concerned about Athena for a couple of days now, and today I finally worked out what was worrying me - I think she has rickets. It's not drastic , but obviously I would prefer that I am wrong ( not often you hear me say that !) it is quite a common problem in young alpaca and I believe it is easily remedied , and apparently it is most prevalent in dark coloured animals - she is black . Rickets is due to a lack of Vit D absorption which becomes a problem in the winter months when the sun is not so high or so frequent , she has been inoculated with a Vit A D & E injectable , but due to unforeseen circumstances ( lack of available supply ) it is almost a month later than usual . I doubt whether this is enough on its own , but the vet is coming tomorrow and so I shall let you know . I do love my vets - its so much easier to get a vet to visit than a human doctor , when I rang them at 5 pm they asked if I'd like someone to visit today I said tomorrow would be fine , how often do you get to see a doctor that quickly even in an emergency ? They are always pleasant and willing to learn ( obviously alpacas are not that common in the Brecon Beacons ) and they often go away and ring me with an answer and options and they have never been wrong yet . I do love them !

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