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Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Here she is !

At last a hatchling - not an alpaca yet !

After the power cuts I was not optimistic of any hatchings but today , bang on time , I got one wee mite . She ( I am always hopeful) will be called Rocky - she has obviously been a little fighter - corny I know ! I suspect that she may be an only chick , but at least I have 1 Brahma , she will grow to be a buff Columbian and I will be very proud . Interesting Brahma fact #1 - they cannot fly ! having seen the tiny excuses for wings I am not surprised . All in all she is the smallest chick out of the smallest egg we have ever had , and she should grow to rule the yard ! Isn't nature odd. Already she has very feathered legs , so sweet. I shall leave the incubator on for another 48 hrs to just see if there are any more , but I don't hold out much hope , I shall let you know !

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