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Saturday, 4 April 2009

Spring is springing! or should I say pronking

Today has been a lovely day , as have the last few , with warm days and crisp nights . We had a slight fright on Tuesday when a neighbour came round to tell us that a dog was worrying the alpaca- deja vu , panic - I rushed out in my PJ's and found no dog , but some spooked alpaca who were clearly a bit worried about something . Hopefully on this occasion it was just a dog walker who temporarily lost control . Anyway, I moved them all into the barn area to be safe , and they were not so stressed since they went straight for the hay and had a good munch .

Today I have been doing my first practical bee-keeping class . A beautiful day for it , and the bees were behaving well , nobody got stung and we all felt quite confident by the end !

Also , moved the girls into the clean birthing paddock, they were very excited at the change of venue and some jolly jumping and pronking ensued . It always makes me laugh to see them bounding around with pleasure. Kirsty has a due date of the 14th , and so I am watching her closely , the weather is due to change a bit next week , and I pray she has the sense to hang on until another bout of good weather , it makes such a difference when the cria can bask in the sun for a few days - and eases my mind , although we are quite high up so I often put on a cria coat at bed time !

Keep you posted !

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