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Tuesday, 21 April 2009


Finally got some grass seed to re-seed the field, it is a traditional long ley variety with red and white clovers , specially suited to the high level at which we live . Hopefully we can get it sown tonight or tomorrow.

Still no baby alpaca news - every day I have looked at her and thought ' It must be today ' but so far I am wrong . Hurry up Kirsty !

The hens are largely confined to barracks until they have regained their nesting habits which suit me best , and the chicks hatched at school are enjoying their first few days as free range beings . Another lot of eggs has gone in the incubator , DH says that these are definitely the last lot this year , so lets hope they hatch eel. This time a real mixture of eggs - Legbars , a couple of buff orpingtons, a couple of black orpingtons , a brahma and 7 Heinz 57 which were laid by my hens so could be anything !

Now that term has started , the push towards a great school fete begins . We are already on top of the prelim organisation , and will have to do some pavement bashing in order to get art work and fees from advertisers in the next week or so . Much of the other work is already done , but we still have a fair amount to do and will be trying to encourage others to help as much as possible - which is almost harder than doing it ourselves , but I firmly believe in delegation , and the fair raises funds for every ones kids not just mine , so everyone else can chip in too ! Currently , the committee are all felling quite positive and enthusiastic - lets see how long that lasts !!

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