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Saturday, 25 April 2009

Today I join the ranks of....

poly tunnel owners ! It is with some trepidation that I have purchased a poly tunnel , it is quite big and quite strong and VERY expensive - with this comes a degree of pressure to use it to it's maximum capacity , and herein lies the hesitation - will I really use it as well as I should ? The answer has to be yes , or DH will throw a wobbly . It has a specially large door on one end , so that in the winter it can double up as a mini tractor garage and save space in the stables and garage for the things for which they are really intended .

I do already have a host of things to go in my poly tunnel - lots of runner bean seedling which will eventually be planted out , or maybe I shall keep half in and half out to extend the growing season ( and protect against alpaca) - see , I'm getting the hang already ! and I have courgettes , aubergines and hopefully tomatoes too , as well as lots of busy Lizzie's ( I love them , my sister thinks they are somewhat naff ) and other plants to go in baskets and planters to make the place look jolly . I did also do something else for the first time today - plant geraniums ! On the whole I can't stand them ( a throw back to my child hood when my father would fill the study with cuttings all winter - they stank ) but they are very resistant to dry times , ad since I am convinced it is going to be very hot this summer I thought I would give them a try , needless to say the chickens dug them up as soon as I had finished planting , so now they are shrouded in very attractive blue builders netting until they are established and the hens ignore them .

Still no baby alpaca!

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