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Monday, 13 April 2009

Still waiting ...

Easter has been a sunny , busy time for us . The sunshine has been great , allowing us to spend time with various friends and children - outside in the sunshine , with children playing happily if noisily near by . We have harrowed the new hay field , and admired our new piglets , and generally been pretty content with things , except for Kirsty who is clearly near to delivering , but as usual is holding on , and on past history we could have another 2 weeks to wait - can I stand the suspense ?!

The little chicks are not so little now , being nearly 5 weeks old , and nearly fully feathered , which is just as well since my next clutch should hatch on Wed / Thurs and I need their brooder. I say should , thanks to a series of power cuts on Friday courtesy of the electricity company I cannot be sure that anything will hatch , but I am seriously hoping , since these are my Brahma eggs .

Whilst enjoyable spending time with friends , it has also been an expensive holiday break ( and I use the word advisedly ) , DS#1 managed to put a football through a window in the end of the barn , I managed to puncture one of DH 's new cars' tyres and all the power cuts succeeded in destroying our central heating control panel - all in all pretty costly !

Here I am with some very relaxed alpacas, who , like me , are enjoying the lovely weather while they can ....

Luckily , they are resisting the urge to sunbathe , DH thinks it's hugely entertaining to say ' Another one's dead in the field ' at regular intervals whenever they sunbathe , which they do lying flat out as if for all the world they are dead , but it still makes me catch my breathe everytime - maybe he's after the insurance fee when he finely polishes me off with heart failure ?!

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