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Sunday, 5 April 2009

Ploughing !!

we are getting loads done - how important it is in the scheme of things I'm not sure , and whether we are doing it in the right order ???
Today we had one of our fields ploughed - really needed doing , but do I have time for this ? It's all new so it takes longer , and we are whistling in the wind to some extent. It has also been 'disked' and will be harrowed tomorrow , then it needs to be seeded - which seed ?- and roolered , it's pretty complicated !
As yet we haven't got round to planting lots of fruit trees, we do already have a couple of old apples and some plum trees , but I really want to plant a proper orchard - where and when is the big question , and I am also trying to use old original apple trees which are native to this part of the world , I do have a friend who owns an apple farm and he says we can have trees from him, but I forget to ask and he is busy whenever I do !

It is still too cold for outdoor planting here, but my beans are sprouting on the window sill , and in a couple of weeks I can plant carrots etc. Unfortunately the bulb has just blown on my brooder ,so we have had to put in a lower wattage until I can get to the store tomorrow , they are pretty well feathered so they should be OK , they have been out in the sun for the last couple of days so they are a bit hardy!

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