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Sunday, 17 May 2009


Our new cria is doing really well . I am always slightly anxious at a new arrival ( the excitement hasn't worn off yet at each birth ) and although it is usually fine , I always hold my breath slightly to see them up / suckling/ walking etc. all to the right time scale . Sometimes they don't do things the way the book says and that makes me nervous . Actually, this little lady did it all perfectly ,but I still worry . I have seen her feeding regularly and Kirsty is a good mum.  She looked slightly surprised at the first successful feed , but she hasn't had a cria for 2 years and is getting back into it really well. 

As yet the cria is unnamed , but she is spritely and happy and warm - holding her temp . well , and if the rain would only stop could be out and about getting some sun , as it is  , she is confined to the stables to bond with mum and stay dry!

The next deliveries should not be far off , a couple of weeks , but I say that with some trepidation after 366 days from  Kirsty ! Promise to take some pictures tomorrow - she's a cracker!

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