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Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Is cream a colour ?

Our new baby girl - who is pretty definitely Brizo - is doing great guns . The weather has been good today , so she has been out all day and met some of the rest of the herd , luckily they have all been gentle although very excited . The most excited is always Bozedown Woden , he cannot stay away from a new baby , but he is always careful , and Kirsty is VERY protective so he couldn't get really close without a deal of spitting . In fact , yesterday she spat at me several times while I was trying to take them back into the barn for the night , my neighbour came round to see what all the noise was about and if I need help - the screaming was so loud( Kirsty , not me ) and this morning she spat at me when I tried to adjust Brizo's cria coat.

On really close inspection and with views from several visitors I can safely say that Brizo is not white ! She is cream! I guess we will register her as light fawn when the time comes , but she IS beautiful, and full of character , leading Kirsty a merry dance , whenever Kirsty puts her head down to eat Brizo heads for the far side of the field at top speed , Kirsty gets maybe 2 mouthfuls and then sets off in hot pursuit calling madly for her errant daughter.

Next will be Cerys or maybe Bijou - both their babies will be black or dark brown I expect , which will be great .

Oh , and my poly tunnel has arrived - guess what we're doing this weekend ?!

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