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Sunday, 24 May 2009

Poly tunnel progress

This weekend we have also decided to put up the poly tunnel . It has proved harder than expected ( I expected ) due to DH perfectionist tendencies . However , we have managed to put the frame up , and down ( for re-adjustments ) and up again; dug trenches , and refilled them , re-dug them 10mm to the left etc. etc . It has been a trial of patience - but the end result is looking good , and the added benefit is that we have found the water supply pipe for the property , which is not where any sane person would have put it ( previous owners) but is right next to the door of the poly tunnel - how convenient is that ! Also , means that we can pipe water into the pig field and have a cistern style filling system , ergo , less carrying of water for me !! Tomorrow we have to race against the predicted weather and get the complete cover on before it rains , so that I can finally plant some of the plants currently threatening to take over the kitchen .

I must just add that I have constructed the doors almost single handedly , and the bits I didn't actually do myself I did give instructions on ! DH was reluctant to let me take on such a huge job (!) since he was unsure of my ability to hammer a nail home straight and also my ability to stretch netting and plastic to form the covering of the doors . As it turns out I can hammer home a nail as well ( if not better ) than any of the men I know so nil desperandem .

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