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Monday, 18 May 2009


Today I began to take the house construction a bit more seriously - well my part in it anyway! I went to choose a kitchen! and herein is the dilemma - do I buy a beautiful but very expensive oak kitchen which will look super and I will have real pride in for a while until 4 small boys and their football boots get to work on it , or the substantially cheaper oak veneer , which still looks good but not so good, but is nearly half the price . Economics or appearances ??

Meanwhile , my other dilemma is whether or not to switch the heating back on - we have lived without for nearly a month , but it is getting cooler again and we had a real fire last night and it was great . Another layer or cop out ?

Poly tunnel due any day( abit like alpacas they seem to take forever to arrive) and I am getting really excited about planting etc. In reality , of course, DH will do all the hard work initially and I will do the relatively easy bits - planting and weeding . But it will be so great to eat all our own veg , the thing is , I have got carried away with what I plant and it bears little correlation to what we generally eat on a daily basis - I mean , how many spaghetti squash and aubergines can 1 family eat ? Maybe 14 aubergine plants is excessive ?!


Perry Wheeler said...

The cheaper kitchen + another alpaca?

Suzanne said...

I like your thinking Perry. Distinct possibilities I say .