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Saturday, 16 May 2009


Hurray ! At last Kirsty has decided to have her cria !! After 366 days gestation ! Of course , she chose a wet day when we had gone out . We ( DH & I , no kids ) went to the Smallholders show at Builth Wells for a bit of time out and a good old nose about . Bumped into our vet and several other people who we knew and had a good munch on delicious things like ice-creams and lamb burgers - not in that order!
Anyway , we asked our neighbour , Brian , if he would be on alpaca watch for us and he kindly agreed . In fact , he went further than the one visit I asked of him and visited Kirsty and the others every hour . 12.30 -nothing , 1.30 - nothing , 2.25 little white bundle ! Brian rang us at the show and we rushed back to find a beautiful cria , who looked alert and had already been standing and wobbling around . Kirsty waited for our return to deliver the placenta , so my guess was that the baby was approx 1 hour old when we got back . Oh , I forgot to say - she is white and doing really well , I dried her off with a hair dryer , 'cos it is still a bit chilly and put a little red cria coat on her , she has hardly sat down since we moved her into the stables 3 hours ago , and finally , she is feeding really well. Kirsty has screamed and made a fuss , which is usual but also a good sign , but she has let me check the cria over and milk her a little to get the smell of milk for the baby to follow.
I am really thrilled and relieved , my mind was beginning to work over time on the horrors of late births , and our record of breeding females remains at 100% ! Doesn't get much better than how we feel tonight .


Crazy Lady with purple fingers said...

Yahoo!! A girl and white!! It can not be better then that!! Congrads!! Will be waiting to see the baby pictures.

Eliane said...

Thank God. The suspense was killing us all. May pop over some time if we can to have a look? We're off to Builth tomorrow.

Debbie said...

It's such a relief isn't it, and a girl; result!

My next one is at 363 days - what on earth is going on this year!!