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Sunday, 31 May 2009

working really hard !

This week has been hard work - half term (!) and lots to do . Half term speaks for itself , althou ' DS#4 was so exhausted after 2 nights under canvass that on the 3rd night he slept until 10.45 am , unheard of .Anyway, the alpacas are fine , a bit hot and bothered , particularly the blacks , who are sitting in the shade alot ; but never fear the shearer is due in 2 weeks ( expect the weather to change for the worse ) . Cerys is hanging on to her cria , still not reached the mammoth gestation of Kirsty , so I am being cool about it , but I would really like her to get on with it - she looks like a whale , and I am back to staying in during the morning .

The poly tunnel was finished to DH 's satisfaction on Monday night , and I planted in Tomatoes , french beans ( 3 colours ) and courgettes on Tues. all doing amazingly well , and then the boys helped me sow peas , asparagus peas , lettuces ( several varieties ) and beet roots , Eliane supplied peppers and chillis , so we are really going for it . My aubergines are nearly ready to plant out along with more tomatoes . Runner beans are outside with the raspberries , redcurrants and black currants and plums , and as we speak DH is sowing carrots , parsnips and some more peas in the outside beds ( this is a first - he has never shown any interest despite being a vegetarian ) so with any luck we should be pretty self sufficient for the summer .
Yesterday and today I have spent waging war on the buttercups ! I have topped off 3 fields worth and am feeling quite satisfied with my progress , also we have done another round of Blue tongue vaccines which is gratifying - I have done it in batches because although there are no proven side effects I am unhappy about vaccinating heavily pregnant females - the stress is not necessary , and they are still covered from last year . The idea was that it would be more economical to vaccinate when they had given birth , but since they are all messing around this year we have vaccinated last years cira and any open females at one sitting , and geldings , studs and females who have given birth at the next and finally I shall save up those who are heavily pregnant and this yeras cria for the last hit . I have been able to give the unused doses of vaccine to my neighbours for their small flock ( 6) of sheep so that is good.

And finally , DH and I put up the stand pipe and tap right outside my poly tunnel this morning , so we are in pretty good shape . Just need to collect my visiting studs this week , I have some bookings for TEIFI MAGIC's services , and my girls will be mated to him when they produce their cria . All in all , we feel quite content ; need to get through the next school governors meeting - but that s another story !

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