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Wednesday, 13 May 2009

When will it end ?

After days of glorious sunshine we had a drizzle all day . Actually , I was quite pleased - we need the rain and I had a perverse hope that the rain might prompt Kirsty into giving birth , since they never seem to do what would seem to be easiest . But no , she is still hanging on . Then I imported 50 small children ( I am quite barking , clearly ) and this had no effect either - I was tempted to let e couple of the worst tearaways into the field to see if the shock might help , but I restrained myself ! In all honesty , I kept them all away from the field with the very nearly due ( or hugely overdue) and we confined ourselves to petting Flag, who really enjoyed the attention , and he even enjoyed following them all back to their bus on a halter. We walked up the bridle path behind the kids and he was as good as gold !
The children were visiting from my sons' school, both the reception and nursery classes came , and they enjoyed scratching the pigs , chasing the odd hapless chicken , but mostly just being out and about in the fresh air . we are part of a 'children out to farms ' scheme , which is run by the local education authority , and provides the opportunity for children to visit farms of all types and understand how the countryside works . Despite the fact that we are a very rural area of wales ( definitely more sheep than people in Powys ) alot of the children don't come face to face with nature very often , so it does them a world of good . Of course , my youngest was keener on taking them on the building site than participating in treasure hunts or admiring his own animals !! The builders looked quite pale at the prospect of lots of children on the scaffolding , but luckily nobody managed to escape our clutches .
The newest hatchlings are doing well , all except one little one , who I feel may not survive ( and I won't honestly know what to do if she does ) because she cant seem to co-ordinate both her little legs . She manages to get about OK , but it's more of a scuffle than a walk . I have been putting her out on the grass in the sun for a bit each day to see if the extra grippability will help and also the extra Vit D , and it is helping I think ( wishful ?) but clearly today was not a long session . I left her out with the 2 Brahma chicks , and found her cuddled up with one of them who had put a paternal wing around her when she was cold !!

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