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Sunday, 24 May 2009

What a difference a week makes

Brizo is doing well ! After only a week she looks like a sturdy little creature - not so little actually. She is already showing that she has a strong character and is happily integrated with all the herd members she has now met. Her half sister , Hermione , is very interested , but Kirsty is making sure she keeps a respectful distance ! Sometimes , when all heads are down feeding , Brizo approaches the wrong female for a feed and then all hell breaks loose - Hermione is horrified , Kirsty is outraged that Hermione is trying to steal her baby and Brizo is completely confused !

Mum, Kirsty , baby Brizo , sister Hermione

And I have confirmed the local view that I am a little mad - being the only person out in a kagool on the hottest day of the year . I had to take Brizo's cria coat off , and Kirsty has been so generous with her spitting that this seemed the safest way to proceed - I'm not sure my hair can take being washed so often !

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